Stellar Overload Alpha 3 - Blocky Blockade

Posted on June 8th, 2016 07:41 AM EST
stellar overload alpha
Stellar Overload Alpha 3, Blocky Blockade (version has been released.


  • Revelation of a new piece of the story: Blocky Blockade, or how the rebellion will prevail against the blockade of the Imperium Machina on Merx!
  • New semi-procedural dungeon generation technique, allowing us to manually design a dungeon with procedural content variation without breaking the dungeon's coherence.
  • Creation of a semi-procedural dungeon using our new dungeon editor: The Imperium fortress.
  • Introduction of a first version of ingame vehicles: hoverbikes and their 3 metablocks: cockpit, thruster and power core.


  • Day/night cycle.
  • The planets' faces are now correctly linked together.
  • Creation of planet Merx, and work on its environment.
  • Creation of placeholder versions of the game's final planets, only a quick version of their general landscape. The content of these planets is absolutely not final.
  • Added new creatures: rabbit, European mantis, flamingo, frog, snail, and so on.
  • Added new plants: tall grass, wheat, clovers, daisy, ferns, lichen, rape, spider webs, carrots, mandrake, valerian, and so on.
  • Added Clones' villages, with their houses and decorations.
  • Plants clusters for a more natural world generation.
  • New decorative elements in the world (rocks with lichen, and so on).
  • New members in the Imperium Machina: Legionaries, Centurions, Imperator, Arkuloids T4 and T5 and automated turrets.
  • Also new recruits for the Rebellion: Troopers, and story related characters you will discover in the "Outpost 47".


  • The number of tiers has been increased to 5 resulting in a complete rebalancing and redistribution of all the recipes, ingredients, materials and items.
  • The Imperium Machina's fortress can be captured to transfer its control to the rebellion which will then invade it and help us "clean up the mess"!
  • You now need to break enemies' metablocks (like doors) using weapons or explosives in order to be able to collect them using a digging gauntlet.
  • You can now craft armor items and then equip them in the character sheet.
  • Some interactive metablocks, like the Imperium Machina's new doors or containers, can be locked. You will need to find an id chip to unlock them.
  • Added new types of containers, it is now possible to name them in their inventory window. Their name is then visible in the 3D view.
  • Added short (NeXus T1, inside dungeons) and long (NeXus T3, between planets) distance teleporters with a teleportation animation.
  • Added cloning tanks to which you can bind yourself in order to respawn there if you die.
  • Added new crafting station types.
  • Added a lot of new functional and decorative metablocks (pictures, lights, Tesla pylons, and so on.).
  • Warning, you can now die of asphyxia in space!
  • The player character has been granted a second inventory page.
  • Arkuloids are now easier to kill and reduced in number. Their nest are composed in majority of inactive arkuloids, and only some fighters.


  • Added new multi-ammo weapons: pistol and rifle. You can switch ammunition using the X key by default.
  • Added grenades.
  • Improved the humanoid and android enemies' AI.
  • Added a special ability to the enemies (the "Dash", a quick jump on the side).
  • Added a damage localization indicator to know where the damage is coming from.
  • The crosshair is now dynamic, and gives you a feedback on your precision.
  • Added different kinds of damages on targets. So a type of ammunition is more or less efficient on a certain type of target.


  • Improved the rendering of items' icons.
  • Added a character sheet, which enables you to see the statistics of your character, and to equip an armor (C by default).
  • Added an in game help, explaining in detail how the game works (F1 by default).
  • Revamped the presentation of the key bindings in the control tab of the options.


  • Improved the voxel lighting engine.
  • Improved the application of the voxel lighting on metablocks.
  • Added post-processes (Color grading) to improve the rendering of the sunrise and sunset.
  • A color code has been defined to better distinguish the different tiers.
  • Improved the first person view.
  • Rendering is now less dark on lower graphic quality.
  • Increased performances when dynamic shadows are disabled. However the world being more developed than before, it requires more resources to render, therefore you might not notice this improvement.


  • A lot of new musics, jingles, sounds and ambient sounds have been added and are waiting for you to discover them during your exploration.
  • Improved transitions between music and ambient sounds.
  • Global sounds mixed to render them less dull.
  • Sound compatibility with 5.1.


  • Added letter blocks with 4 different fonts
  • Added the "V" key binding to toggle the "snap to grid" tool.
  • Added the "shift+V" key binding to change the alignment grid.
  • Increased the maximum wall size to 126 blocks in creative!


  • Improved the universes' saving and loading time.
  • Some network optimization to reduce the latency when there is a lot of elements in the game.


  • Reduced fps on the long run when digging a lot.
  • Game crash when putting a block in space.
  • Trees that can be seen from afar but disappear when getting close.
  • The game crashes on some Mac computers after 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Fixed bugs regarding the spawning of creatures.
  • Fixed an issue regarding the invert mouse setting.
  • A lot of other bugs.
  • Pressing ENTER in the chat window on an empty line has no effect.


  • Sometimes, while exiting a teleporter, the player camera is stuck in the wrong orientation. Until we fix it, go back inside the teleporter in order to get the camera back to its normal state.
  • Some stellar gates (NeXus T3) are spawned underground.
  • Depending on the Computer's configuration (mostly with AMD CPUs), the game might freeze when using the 'Alt+Tab' key combination.( )
  • vehicles sometimes tremble abnormally in multiplayer games.
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