Stellar Overload Alpha 2 (version

Posted on November 9th, 2015 02:46 PM EST
stellar overload alpha
Stellar Overload Alpha 2 (version has been released with multiplayer working again.

  • Multijoueur has been reactivated.
  • Cognitrons around unknown structures now exist in different kinds (depending on the tier) and are more aggressive.
  • Robot carcasses are now destroyed after a recipe has been downloaded.
  • The north pole beacon is now on the ground.
  • Alive Arkuloids become blocks faster
  • Reduced world generation time.
  • Initial loading time has been greatly reduced.
  • Improved the reactivity when breaking blocks after traveling.
  • Clarified the message displayed when using the HQ communication console.
  • The HQ communication console is now disabled once the storyline completed.
  • The secret plans are now deactivated once the data retrieved.
  • You now always learn a recipe when using a robot carcass. As a result we reduced the number of those carcasses.
  • The "digging" sound differs depending on the dug volume and gauntlet.
  • New sound when opening/closing the crafting window.
  • New sound when switching tab in the crafting window.
  • Added a new exploration music.
  • New footstep sound on the clouds.
  • Ingredient slots of the crafting window are now filled automatically even if there are multiple choices.
  • Added a new recipe to craft nanites.
  • The secondary fire of the plasma gun now fires sticky bombs.
  • The plasma gun only destroys the ground if charged at at least 80%.
  • Killing blows damage values are now properly displayed.
  • Area damages are now properly displayed.
  • The material used as ammo for the block thrower now changes the damage it does.
  • Added a warning regarding the performance degradation when using a high view distance.
  • A key binding (O by default) enables you to hide the location beacones displayed on the HUD.
  • Material icons have been modified to better represent the material's family.
  • A tip has been added in the block thrower's tooltip to indicate how to change its ammo.
  • Autosave is now every 10 minutes by default (in case of a fresh install, otherwise you will have to set it manually in the options).
  • The selection block when creating a blueprint is now further by default.
  • Added the possibility to swim in water and the possibility to drown if you stay under water too long.
  • Reduced the number of pickup items when digging a bush.
  • Blueprints are now named after the corresponding file on disk.
  • The ghost of the sand blocks is red.
  • Multiplication of creatures.
  • Blueprint icon is not refreshed when created.
  • Mouse cursor and item still displayed when you die during a drag and drop operation.
  • Error in the rotation of the Cognitron corner pipes when rotating a blueprint.
  • Metablock alternative lost in the blueprints.
  • Ingredients and quantity is reinitialized when crafting an item.
  • The sound used when dropping an item in the action bar is played when an ingredient is automatically selected.
  • The sound played when closing the inventory window is also played when opening the crafting window.
  • Wrong sound played when an item is dropped by the player.
  • The sound of dirt is played when walking on ebony or scots pine wood instead of the wood's sound.
  • When crafting items in large quantity (more than one stack), only one stack is added to the player's inventory.
  • FPS drop when firing the plasma gun
  • Missing reinforced plastic recipe.
  • The fire in the fireplace, the smoke on the roof and the clone "Max" are not named properly.
  • Blueprints icons in the belt are all identical to the first blueprint content.
  • Clouds are dug and have glowworm on them.
  • Some blocks are too dark in the caves.
  • Missing footsteps when strafing to the right.
  • Tools and weapons can still be used when dropped to the ground.
  • Cognitrons are incorrectly rotated.
  • When reducing the view distance, the loading distance is not reduced accordingly, and this lowers performances.

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